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About DHgate

DHgate is one of the more famous Chinese marketplaces that focuses primarily on cross-border trade. And then, of course, particularly from China to the United States and Europe. Through the platform, DHgate you buy directly from the factory and therefore at relatively low prices.

DHgate was founded by Diane Wang. Her vision was a marketplace where Western consumers without going through importers or other middlemen may drop directly to the Chinese seller.

DHgate name is inspired by the name of the Chinese city of Dunhuang (DH), an important stop on the ancient Silk Road. The Silk Road was actually the first port (in other words gateway) between East and West. Hence the name 'DHgate.

Order on DHgate

1.Om an item to buy on DHgate is a buyer first through the categories to find the desired product. Then it is possible to read the reviews of this article and to see what other buyers evaluate this seller. When the article seems interesting, it is still possible to make contact with the seller before the product is placed in the cart.

2.Next you pay, but DHgate holds the payment until you have indicated that the products have been received and approved. Only then the seller is paid.

3. When the payment is confirmed, you will receive a tracking number to follow along with the package.

4. You will receive your order and evaluate the product received and checked the quantity ordered.

5. As a buyer, you can now specify on DHgate that everything has been approved (or not) and you assess the seller. When everything has been satisfactory DHgate gives the payment to the seller.

Pay on DHgate

Unlike many other Chinese marketplaces DHgate has a good range of local payment methods. There is, for Dutch clients installed even PayPal! Belgian customers can use MrCash / Bancontact. In addition, credit card payment and Paypal course offered as a payment method


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