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About MiniInTheBox is a Chinese shop where you will find thousands of products for wholesale prices. The range consists mainly of electronics, tailored clothing and sports equipment. Unlike many other Chinese online shops, as AliExpress and Tiny Deal MiniInTheBox is pretty nice available in Dutch. There also seem to work Dutch. was founded in 2007 and since then, a global provider of consumer goods.

By his own words MiniInTheBox is connected directly to a network of Chinese wholesale manufacturers so they can keep costs down and still maintain the highest standards.

The name 'MiniInTheBox'

The name MiniInTheBox might do some eyebrows go up, so this explains the naming: Everyone knows the Jack-in-the-Box (the jack in a box) are. This popular children's toy plays a tune off when it is cranked and ends with a nice surprise. Likewise MiniInTheBox hopes to be a surprise for customers: By not matching expectations but to exceed them. That sounds promising ;-).

Payments at MiniInTheBox

Unlike most Chinese online shops, it is possible to pay with PayPal. I think that says something. Apparently Netherlands is a serious market for MiniInTheBox. However, we suggest that you to pay by credit card or Paypal: Should there something wrong (you will not be sent or a defective product), you can dispute the charge still or rollback. In addition, your purchases with a credit card are insured.


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